About Us

Who we are?

We are a young company founded in 2011, out of passion for trucks and logistics. Everything started with a dream and a lot of work.

Elay Trans is a family business where loyalty, professionalism, efficiency and safety are on the first place.
And like this will be.

Our mission?

Partnership. We want to be your partners and to be involved in the operations you run in the field of transportation.

We commit to understand the mechanism that underlies the business you run, so that your partners cannot sense the difference between your own crew and the subcontracted crew.

Expertise. Efficiency. Safety.

The 3 values that defines us.

Our activity?

We do trucking. And we are proud of that. In other words we can deliver anything, anytime, anywhere.

We have a modern fleet of trucks, accordingly equipped and ready to pull from a general goods trailer to a container with ADR goods, on a chassis.