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Transport companies

We are always looking for partners. We always need MORE transport capacity. We can offer you a big range of contracts, working types as we can let you choose between more transport types (general goods, frigo, containers, tank, silo, ADR or NON ADR, etc.)

All our contracts are for clients that we are working for or worked for with our own trucks. They are customers already tested by us, strong and reliable customers.

We can engage our planning department in working for your trucks so we can be sure about the quality of the services in this triangle (your company, Elay Trans and customer) and also to be sure that you have the benefits and support that you need so everything can go smooth.

We are always looking for partners in the same proportion we are always stop working with different companies as long as they don`t want or they can`t to keep up our standards. The quality of our services makes the difference in the transport market.

For any further information, don`t hesitate to contact us.