Drivers – an extremely important part in all transport mechanism

Drivers at Elay Trans stand for professionalism and outstanding driving qualities. To guarantee this each driver undergoes thorough training for three months before they can start work. This training is both theoretical and practical.

One permanent instructor teach new drivers the strict Elay Trans`s standards. New drivers are given:

  • Lessons in economically advantageous driving skills
  • Information on driving ecologically
  • Instructions on use of the on-board computer
  • Lessons on administration concerning loading, unloading and cleaning procedures.

Our drivers receive a driver’s manual and are given constant further training. We keep them continuously informed on the laws, on quality, the environment.

Our drivers are the pride of Elay Trans and the embodiment of our values:

  • Experienced
  • Customer-friendly
  • Skilled in languages (english and/or german)
  • Flexible

Our planners – everything starts with reliable and meticulous planning

Elay Trans`s beating heart is the call centre, where our planners are continuously working on planning and monitoring the projects as accurately as possible. This is where orders arrive from all over Europe. The planners check all the instructions on the transport contract while ensuring compliance with all legal and social obligations.

Planning then checks which driver can load, transport and unload this load.
A planner at Elay Trans is:

  • Flexible
  • Customer-oriented
  • Friendly
  • Social
  • Solution-oriented

The more effectively our planners work, the more our customer will be satisfied.